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"delivering high quality service & products at great prices"

Starter Motors Starter Motors Starter Motors

We can supply NEW and Re-built starter motors usually within 1 day from date of order, produced by the largest worldwide organizations, with starters ranging from the most cost-efficient to most expensive at customers’ discretion.

We are Distributors for Remy Automotive U.K. Ltd., the Worlds Largest Supplier of NEW and Re-built Starter Motors and Alternators across all makes.

In this age of competitive business, it makes sense to ensure that your customers have the best units fitted to their vehicles with complete customer satisfaction and reliability.



Every unit is tested using the latest computerised test equipment to satisfy or exceed O.E. specification plus a test certificate is provided with each unit.  All units come with a Full One-Year Unlimited Mileage Guarantee.

Your starters can also be repaired and serviced by us, within the same day where possible.

We are sure that we can be of service to you and look forward to any inquiries you may have.  Please do not hesitate to call.