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Starter Motor Drives (S.M.D.)

We are a small efficient family-run business with over 30 years of engineering experience, with a dedication to fulfil our customersí needs.  Two partners having 21 and 13 years experience in manufacturing gears and the re-manufacturing of starter motor drives.  We work to perfect any new or re-manufactured drives and only use components of O.E. specification.

We can supply one-off specials to customerís own specification, and can supply components for companies that rebuild their own drives.

We stock many other parts used to rebuild starter motors & alternators, and can supply complete units as new or re-built.  All parts are fully guaranteed for 1 year.  We are on the list of preferred suppliers to Remy Automotive U.K. and Hungary.


For any requirements, you only need to make a phone call quoting the O.E. number of the complete unit or the part, and we can identify what you require, and tell you our availability and price.  We can also offer you discount prices for drives purchased in larger quantities.