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We supply drives to fit all makes and models of vehicles including fork trucks, jet-skis and tractors.  Drives specified for vehicles with conversions, and for vintage models where the parts are normally unavailable or obsolete, can also be supplied.  We supply drives on exchange basis, and can arrange for old units/core to be collected with no charge to you when in large quantities. 

Drives purchased at the counter have a short waiting time for on-the-spot rebuilds of un-stocked items.  All drives are fitted with new components to O.E. specification.  Drives that are sent in for repair are usually repaired and despatched on the same day.

New drives and gears are added to our range whenever new starters come into circulation for rebuilding.  We produce all of our own gears, made to O.E. specification; bushed and ballised ready for use.  We also produce one-off gears to customer's own specification.  Providing all teeth are present - even if slightly worn - we may also rework any urgently needed gear.

There is a range of over 1000 drives & 40 drive clutches (most of which we have a constant stock) including Inertia and Positork type drives, and over 400 gears & gear kits; available for all ranges of starter motors and applications, through S.M.D.

We can also supply a new intermediate-gear, or repair kit for the gear, on the latest Ford-Motorcraft starter motor.  You can even send second hand intermediate-gears to S.M.D. and we will repair for you.

Any non-stock items can quickly be brought in, and added to our stocked range if there is an ongoing demand.