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Starter Motors Starter Motors Starter Motors

There is a range of:

        50 bearings & needle bearings

        up to 200 brush sets

        65 over-running pulleys (including decoupling pulleys)

        field coil cases

        slip rings

        stator rings

available for all ranges of alternators, dynamos and applications, through S.M.D.


We can supply a range of over 600 rectifiers and 800 regulators for alternators of all applications and manufacturers, including: Bosch, Briggs-Stratton, C.A.V., Chrysler, Delco, Delphi, Ducellier, Electrodyne, Ezgo, Femsa, Ford, Grasshopper, Harley Davidson, Hitachi, Honda, Iskra, John Deere, Kawasaki, Kohler, Lada, Leece Neville, Lucas, Magneti Marelli, Magneton Pal, Mando, Marine, Mercury Marine, Mido, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Niehoff, Nikko, Nippon Denso, Paris Rhone, Prestol, Sawafuji, Sev Merchel, Suzuki, Valeo...


Any non-stock items can quickly be brought in, and added to our stocked range if there is an ongoing demand.